What Are The Different Styles of Tap Dance? Find Out

Tap dance is an energetic dance form in America that focuses on synchronized footwork with music. Tap dancers wear specialized shoes having metal plates attached at the sole. Tap dancing can be done according to music beats or without music.

There are different tap dancing style based on various cultures and backgrounds. Here are some of the tap dancing styles.

Broadway Tap: Broadway tap is usually performed in musical theaters. Instead of focusing on tap dance music, it focuses on the dance itself. Incorporating jazz with this tap dance create a visual treat to the audience.

Freestyle Tap: There are no rules to follow in freestyle tap dance. Dancers use dance as a medium to express themselves through music.

Jazz Tap: In this style, dancers add leaps and turns from jazz dance to tap dancing. It is more elegant to watch. Incorporates jazz with this tap dance makes it more elegant.

Rhythm Tap: Rhythm tap is a kind of tap dancing performed by dancers who produces a louder and grounded sound. Rhythm dance focuses on musicality.

Tap dancing teaches choreography, improvisation and syncopation. Tap dancers use their feet like musical instruments to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats.

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